Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Latest Dream

Aha! You thought I would not be back! I am :) just to use you as my diary. If you don't care for my personal feelings, proceed to

I had an interesting dream a night or two ago. Amber had a bit of an issue with me a week or so ago, and since then we haven't really spoken much. I haven't had a dream focused on her in AGES. In fact, I was starting to think that perhaps I am finally walking the road to getting over her completely. ALAS! You were fooled along with me.

The dream I had isn't relevant up to the one point. Amber and I were speaking, when she hugged me out of nowhere. "Do you think that some point in our lives, or somewhere along the line we were be with each other? Do you think we are meant for each other?" I can't remember my exact words, but I know I agreed... she said, "me too."

It was a nice dream, made the following day seem that little bit brighter. The only reason I decided to blog about this now is because two days after my dream, Amber started talking to me on gtalk after nearly a week of nothing. She misses me :) I just thought it was interesting because she always seems to be playing hard to get, yet I know if I had to drop off the face of the planet, she would miss me.

That is all blog diary thing :) thank you! Kthxbye!

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