Sunday, November 1, 2009


AAAAH!!! What is this blogger thing? Just so everbody knows, I have NOT forgotten about this blog :) just been forgetting to take the time to update it :P

I finally have my new netbook, which in future (when I remember) will mean lots more writing material and submissions from me. I got me a little Gigabyte touchnote. I don't have the time right now, but I will give more detail about it in my next submission. I'm only killing time now because I am going t a wedding reception later, and I have nothing better to do at this EXACT second :P

On friday, we had the most EPIC thunderstorm I have exerienced EVER! The rain came down for ages, and I wasn't afraid to drive through it. I got into my car and drove to youth. While driving, on the horizon, it was totally awesome to see tons of lightning forking, over and over again! I really wish it would pour like that more often. Upon arrival at youth, I took my time walking to get in :P the rain is so awesome!

Anyways :P I know this was random, but expect a more meaty submission in this week to come, perhaps even tonight if im not tired :) Kthxbye! 

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