Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Youth Day!

Hi Guise!

It has been a long time since I have written! I have been so super busy with work and other odds and ends that I just never got around to writing much. That and the fact that I didn't particularly feel like writing for a while because I knew all I would do is moan and write useless ramblings. I feel more in the writing mood now so here we go :P

Work has been super duper crazy this week and last. The launch of Microsoft Office 2010 happened this week so that typically cause dpanic and stress at the office seeing as we have to rollout all the point of sale. Throw into the equation that there was a public holiday (Youth Day) this week (Which is actually today mind you) and you have a super busy week. Lets not forget that the world cup is currently taking place. That bundles with schools on holiday which = busy malls. I am going to watch Argentina play South Korea tomorrow and I am so excited for it!!! Due to that though, I swapped my public holiday with tomorrow so I could have the day off. So I ended up working today which was irritatingly annoying because who the hell works on a public holiday? It was all worth it though, seeing as I have tomorrow off. South Korea beat Greece 2-0. I watched that game and was very impressed with the way the Koreans played, so I'm very keen to see them play Argentina :D YAY! I reckon that tomorrow or sometime I will try blog out some of the scores and a general summary of the forst set of games that have been played. The upsets, surprises, disappointments and so on. I'm sure Chello will read it and tell me I'm wrong about lots of it but oh well :)

South Africa are playing Uruguay tonight! the opening game was great, and even though we didn't win, a draw was decent enough. Out of the group I want Mexico and South Africa to go through anyways, so a draw doesn't really bother me. Lets just hope that both South Africa and Mexico can sort out France and Uruguay (who also had a 0-0 draw so the whole group is on 1 point at the moment) I am going to a fan park with my siblings and friends tonight so I'm quite amped for the atmosphere and vibe. I must say that I am so happy with South Africa as a country at the moment. All the tourists who are here seem to be having a blast of a time and they comment on what a friendly nation we are. I hope they go home and recommend us to their family and friends, because media can totally distort a view of a place, and I'm pretty sure most of the media overseas are moaning about one or other thing here. Oh well, thats my rant for this blog. Good luck SA! Do us proud!

Me -> out


  1. what language are you speaking? what is this foot ball that you talk of???hehehe - Read this earlier then had to nip out to a DIY store where they had the argentine/south korea match on, I was busy scanning the crowd for you so I could say "I saw you" then realised that 1, spotting you in the crowd might be difficult because 2, I have no idea what you look like!!! - and that is ALL the world cup that will be before my eyes!

    The press coverage here in blighty has been really possitive, and there is also a big competition on tied to the SA government to win a huge tour of SA with a TV crew following you - I might enter - If I win, I expect to meat up with you for a beer!



  2. Tch.. RSA failed. Ah well, who expected us to win, anyway?!


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