Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Blog, I Am Cheating On You, With ANOTHER Blog. :O!

Hi Guys :)

LONG time no chat and all that sort of thing. The truth is, as Sage pointed out to me the other day, is that I am neglecting this blog, because I am giving more attention to my "Book Blog". Book Blog being the book I am working on, but presented as a diary, or more so a blog from my main character. If you do miss reading my blog often, I do apologise. I will hopefully be rectifying that, and paying equal attention to my life (this blog) and my fake life (the other blog) ok that all seemed quite confusing but at least its out of the way now :)

I held back on posting a link to my other blog, merely because I wanted it to have a teeny weeny bit of bulk for you to enjoy. I am giving you the link today, and I hope you enjoy reading the nonsense I am writing. Even if this book amounts to nothing, I am having a huge amount of fun writing it! So without further ado, I present to you, My ongoing diary/blog/book thing of my as yet, no name character. I hope you bookmark it, and comment whenever (if ever) you have something to say. Please remember that the blog goes chronologically, so you should start from the very first post :P just follow the shortcuts on the right.


Also, I ask that you do not plagiarize or anything in any way (not that anybody would :P) but you never know.

Anyhoo so a quick update on my life. Let me get Amber out the way quick. I have not seen her for around 3 weeks now. A part of me misses her, but another part can actually stomach the fact that if I stay away from her long enough, I may just get over her which is probably good for me. Doubt her scarcity will keep up though, she goes on 6 weeks holiday this Friday, and I am sure she will have time to hang out and will want to. This Friday also happens to be her birthday, and she is turning 20. That thought alone (of her aging) already seems to upset her, so I don't really know what to expect on the day, let alone what to buy her. News to follow (obviously :P)

I applied for a new job today. I don't really know what it involves (in detail) but my one friend works for this company. He told me they have an opening so I gave him my CV. I have had enough of my company, and am extremely eager for greener pastures, or anything else really.

Wednesday was my birthday. I don't feel that old, but its weird that I am no longer 21. EEEK! I feel all grown up again :) It was the weirdest thing turning 21 last year. After my birthday I felt all full of wisdom and grown up. Then I got over it and reverted to being me, young at heart.

I want to study next year, but what do I study? I know I want to write, but what do I study for JUST writing. Everybody obviously suggests journalism, which is cool I guess, but do I really want to be a journalist. I'd love to write magazine articles I reckon, and really love to be an author. Scary... Considering I am 22 now, and still feel nervous for the rest of my life. Doubt anybody ever really is certain about their life ahead.

This is the paragraph I need to put it just to make Chello happy.

And... I'm done. Tried writing another paragraph like 5 times but kept erasing it :O So Until next time :)



  1. "A part of me misses her, but another part can actually stomach the fact that if I stay away from her long enough, I may just get over her"
    So. Damn. True. Working for me mate ;)
    I'm also having dilemmas about what I want to study one day, strangely enough Journalism is also one of the things on my "Perhaps" list. Keep on Keepin' on!

  2. ooooh, finally! I had been wondering what had happened to you / Amber etc!!!

    First - "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fig...Happy birthday to you!"

    I think going to study about something you enjoy sounds perfect - Journalism sounds good - not sure about the SA system - do they do literature? creative writing? - also, we have a yearly book over here called the artists and writers year book - it is brilliant, it covers every publication in the country almost, what articles they use, if they accept unsolicited articles, and how much they pay.

    As soon as I have a little time to myself here I will be checking out your other blog!



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