Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moving Out!


Now thats off my chest, onwards! So I totally kicked my works ass this week. That morning I had to work? Well that really REALLY didn't go well. I couldn't help but laugh though. I was being crapped out for something that wasn't my fault over the phone. For some reason I didn't retaliate. All I could do was smile, nod my head and be like "I'm sorry. Mmmmhmmmm. Will get right on it." Turns out, that this lady (not my boss, one of my clients) was crying over spilt milk. I wasn't even needed at the end of the day, and I got crapped out for nothing. I wonder how she must feel now. I ALSO found out that she knew about this event a week ago. So why the hell would she wait for the day before to send an email. Why wouldn't she pick up a phone in a few hours if nobody replied to the mail? Who knows, I don't know how some people work. This is a rant I know, its more for me then it is for you :P I'm done now.

Amber started chatting to me out of the blue today on FB chat. I always get a little annoyed because lately she never ever talks to me unless she wants something, so I was kind of expecting her to ask me for whatever it was thats she wanted. Surprisingly we just chatted random rubbish briefly before she said that she has to go and shower. She didn't even end up saying bye. a little bit later, she wrote on like a lot of her friends walls, just randomly. Asking some how they are, telling others they are awesome, etc. She got around to writing on mine, and all she had so say was, well, ask me what I want for my birthday (which is next Wednesday). I was just like O_o lol. Don't know why I added this, guess it bothered me a little on the inside. Anyhoo, I don't want anything for my birthday. Hers is 9 days after mine, wonder what I must get her.

Chello told me that he is going to start running. I was thinking about it, my only exercise is soccer once a week and the odd gym session I drag myself to. Other then that, during work I walk a hell of a lot. According to Gruff (who all girls seem to instantly love :P Its his asian charm I tell you) girls go crazy over calf muscles. I just get pictures of girls with hearts in their eyes, staring at a guys calves. Its so funny! If this is true, then I must admit, my walking helps a lot with that. Girls also seem to like a killer body, and although I do not have a six pack, My tummy is flat and does have a muscular outline :P thats good enough for me. Besides, I am expecting the lady I marry to love me for me, not my abs or my calves. I have no idea what Chello looks like in real life, it doesn't matter though, all the girls like him for the way he rolls his r's :P

Back to work, I just realised that I have gotten most of my work done this week, and have very little to do tomorrow. So that is an awesome bonus and on top of that I am off on Friday. LONG WEEKEND! I have a number for another place I am hoping to get a job at. I am going to call them tomorrow and send them my CV. Hold thumbs for me please!

Other then that, I am feeling a lot happier lately, I am just taking one day of my life at a time. But I am moving out from the old and into the new.


  1. you sound quite chilled!
    I never took much notice of mens calf muscles before, I am curious now and will be staring at passing males - for my it has to be shoulder blades.....phwarrr! hehehehe


  2. Haha I guess its different things for different girls ;) just as guys like certain things about girls too. For me its eyes :x love eyes!


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