Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Women: The Good, The Bad, And the Worst


So interesting things happened tonight. I spoke about how Chello is over girls, and I am still in the middle with Amber, and I did indeed forget to mention that Xander was also going through some tricksy problems of his own. So where do I start?

The Good: Xander has immense feelings for a girl in his school. I won't go into too much detail, because thats a story that has too much volume for my tiny blog :P I don't know all the tiny details myself anyways. The point is that this girl generally didn't treat Xander like she cared, and it really affected him in a negative way. Long story short, something happened, she cried over it and was really hurt. Then Xander and her made up, and agreed to be friends, which at least helped him out in a huge way. He seems super happy again, like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

The Bad: I mentioned last night that there was a chance I would be seeing Amber tomorrow night. Well at the end of the day I am, which is super cool, but it won't be just us two. She asked me tonight if I would mind giving her and her best friend Robs a lift there and back. Gruff and Niel will also be there. This is all cool, I really don't mind, but how can she not mention this to me in her sms? It really felt like her sms was addressed to me personally, and not a bulk sms sent to a few people. It also annoys me that she just asked for a lift out of nowhere now. It almost feels like I was just invited as a convenience (although I know it probably wasn't) this isn't really bad, but I was really hoping for some alone time with her. Oh well -_- not to mention the fact that when I am with her and Robs, I am kind of like the spare wheel.

The Worst: I mentioned Chello in my blog last night with him and his relationship (or lack of) with Pascal. She told him that she just wants to be friends with him. Well tonight, Chello found out that she did most definitely hook up with his friend Petri, and that he in fact asked her out. This really is like a total low blow to Chello. WHILE they were "unofficially" dating, she decided to just slow it down and be friends. Barely a week later, she is dating his (now ex) friend Petri. Chello deleted her off mxit and facebook. She sent him a message over facebook though, which he sent me. I'll just copy some extracts and paste them here:

"if you care for me and want me to be happy u should be happy for us, coz he asked me out and i said yes. and i like him. alot. and i want me and u to be happy and uncomplicated and i want you to be hppy for me and him since i'm happy for you. and this is somehtign that just happened, hes got nothign to do with the fact that me and u didnt work out, it jsut so happened to be the right timing. mwah"

I know its hard to make sense of her random typing, but you get the gist of it. It just irritates me how she just used Chello, and now is all of a sudden in love with his best friend. Really, how naive can you be?

I know its random, but all these things seemed to happen tonight (or in the span of 24 hours). Xander making up with Toine, Amber telling me other people will be joining us, and Chello finding out that Pascal is a bit of a *insert bad word here*. Thought it would make for an interesting read :) I find it interesting how we are all on different levels of relationships (or now friendships or lack thereof.) Lets see whats to come...


  1. I got mentioned! Feel so special right now :D I haven't really thought about how we were all dealing with our issues. Godspeed and I hope you're Figtorious in your conquests of the female heart!

  2. you all have such cool names!!! I love it!

    I think you guys are all getting the run around from your women - it does sound like they are a little manipulative, but we women can be like that! well, some are, some aren't, some grow out of it, and others are like that all their lives. And while young women are focused on young men, they are also focused on girl friends, good times, and not many know exactly what it is they want out of life and relationships until they are much older!

    Hang in their, and one day the right one who sets your heart alight, makes your pulse race and your cheak muscles ache from smiling will come along - and you will know she is right because she will feel exactly the same about you!

    ps - if you do look at the link I sent, please please don't be offended -this was made over 20 years ago - over your lifetime ago! things are very diferent now.

  3. I checked the link. I actually laughed out loud. Glad I wasn't alive back then..

  4. Yeah I think they can be very manipulative and take advantage or things for granted. Girls are just tricky :P haha

    I loved the link :) I have the tune stuck in my head :D

    As always thanks for the words Juicy :) Me and Sage (being friends and both reading my blog and your replies) both appreciate it :)

    And LOL Sage at the Figtorius word use :P

  5. And thank you too for some extremely good advice - I have been pondering it!!!


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