Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Look a Keyboard!

Man I realised today that my last blog was close to two weeks ago. I really don't know what happened to last week. I spend the whole week being super busy workwise, and then Friday-Sunday at home being home sick with flu. I'm still not fully recovered mind you, but I am feeling a lot better.

So remember that event Amber invited me to which I thought was just going to be us two and it actually wasn't? Well get this, everybody ditched (Amber included because she was sick that day) so it ended up just being me and Robs. It was cool to hang out alone with Robs I must admit, I find that I am pretty open to her about most things in my life, which is strange because these days I hardly talk to Amber, who I am pretty much the most open with. It feels like Robs at least has time to listen so I don't mind chatting to her. Amber is too busy with college, as is Gruff. My two closest friends, too busy for anything else. I can't wait for the world cup, they will then be on six weeks of holiday. I don't blame them for being scarce, I understand that college is college and they are drowning in work. It doesn't change the fact that I really do feel lonely without seeing them as often as I am used to.

Eggs and Rice. Must get started but I keep procrastinating.

My job really peed me off today. I get a call at 8pm from my boss, telling me one of our clients wants us to set up at a golf day tomorrow at 7am. Oh, and don't forget that we have nothing to set up with, so my boss went and assured our client that we would organise something. No wait lets rephrase that: That she would just get ME to do something and she wouldn't have to do anything O_o it's just so frustrating... New job hunt begins TOMORROW!

I went with my sister to drop off something at her new boyfriends house today. My sister has been through so much, and so being the younger brother, I am actually very protective of her even though I don't show it. I must admit, I really like this guy though and I feel that they are right for each other. I don't know why, I just get this feeling in my gut. I really think he will look after her. Well heres to hoping at least.

I started writing a 3rd book :x I am actually proud of myself because I am constantly adding to it (its kind of a requirement) so only time will tell. I will post the link on here soon once Its a bit bulkier on word count :)

I read another friend of mines blog today (he just started one) and believe it or not, one of his early posts is about a girl he likes. I just laughed, because that is like the 3rd blog I have read from a male, that talks about a girl, or girls in general. You can count mine as 4. Seems most guys just want to be the knight in shining armour looking for their princess. I only seem to know good guys, because I doubt I would be friends with a guy who treats girls like dirt, although I do know a guy who likes hitting on girls lots O_o I should sort him out sometimes.

World cup fever is slowly setting in here in South Africa. I must admit that I find it funny how most South Africans are now all of a sudden passionate about our country. With cars driving around with flags and South African merchandise all over it. I'm not against it, but I am glad that people are finally getting behind our team. Lets hope they don't ashame us during the competition, because in all honesty they are not that great, but I know that when they play with their hearts and soul they actually do flipping well. so, GO SOUTH AFRICA! If they do fail though at least I can support Portugal, assuming they aren't on bad form either.

Regardless of what people may say or think about me and Amber, I really really really miss her and spending time with her. I hope she knows though, that I am insanely proud of her and what she is doing this year. I didn't expect her to be half as dedicated to college as she is, but I know she is working her ass off.

I think thats all I have for now. Sage is talking random stuff to me over steam now (something we are actually good at doing O_o exchanging absolutely irrelevant information with each other), Chello is whining about his stats in HoN (online game, in case you forgot). At the end of the day (which is 45 mins from now) I need sleep to be up early tomorrow for lame work, so goodnight :) have an awesome week!


  1. hahahaha I was waiting for my mention :D

  2. You have just confirmed what I always suspected, all men talk about is women and football!



  3. Psh.... It is all lies! Thats all a cover for that we REALLY talk about... (Girls girls girls!) haha :) glad I could confirm something.


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