Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Thing Sipho Was Outside On The Treadmill Making This Internet Connection Possible ^_^

I'm still alive! Sorry I have been so scarce, I have just been so super busy. The times I do have to blog, I tend to spend playing games online. I have a friend named Chello, who I have never met before, who stays in Cape Town. We met while playing games online and we chat about our lives and random stuff like every day now. The point though is that it is impossible for me to be online without Chello demanding that I join him in a game of HoN. Unfortunately there is always that itch to play so I tend to choose playing over writing, which isn't good I know :) I just need balance out both. Chello always chats to me online though, always about random stuff. When we do talk about serious stuff though, it always ends up that I chat about Amber and he talks about a girl in his life Pascal. What else do guys talk about when they are serious? Only girls...

Chello really liked this girl Pascal, but then she ended up telling him that they should just be friends (after they had a bit of an unofficial relationship or whatever you want to call it.) She went behind his back though and ended up hooking up with Chello's one friend. That really affected him, and now he doesn't trust women at all. In fact so much so that he keeps telling me to just not chat to Amber at all and get over her, because she will probably pull a Pascal on me and hurt me. It's not like she hasn't hurt me before, but I still refuse to listen to him. He raises such a good point though. Most girls always whine about how guys can be such jerks and screw them over. You know why it happens though? When every guy is innocent and still in their teens or just out of their teens (like me :P I'm 21) some of us actually know how to treat girls very well. We treat them with respect, spoil them, look after them and let them know they are loved. Based on mine and Chello's experiences, and various other male friends I know, this always seems to have us being shook off and being hurt. It's really not nice... I can't even begin to explain how sometimes I just think about maybe if I am an ass to Amber, she will pay me the attention that I crave, and the love that I want. I would never resort to that though, I am not a typical guy. Anyways I know this is a rant, and the moral is that girls should just really treausre guys that go the extra mile for them. I have done so much for Amber that I don't expect in return, but I must admit that sometimes I just wish she would show that she appreciates me a bit more then she does. A random sms here and there, a random thank you for everything... that kind of thing would make me so happy. Chello will really take some time before he trusts girls again though, I don't blame him. Pascal is a confusing female and she hurt him.

In other news, I have not hung out with Amber for ages. She asked me if I want to go out with her this Thursday evening. I'm all keen, but I'm not getting my hopes up for us being alone, for all I know it was just a normal invite sms she sent to various people. I hope its just us two though, I miss seeing her alone.

JuicyFig you really will have to help me here. In the game of HoN we played tonight there was an American playing. He casually went on and on and on to tell us that we are a pathetic nation. We are all black and the rest of the world doesn't care about our crappy country. He also went on to say that we can't afford the internet and we all suck. Yeah well done genius, its not like we were connected to the internet to be on the receiving end of your useless racist remarks. It doesn't take a lot to make me angry, but I must admit that it got my blood boiling. South Africa is one of the most amazing places in the world, with a big variety of people. I sometimes don't understand how people overseas (mainly the Americans) have such a lack of knowledge about the rest of the world. Do they really think we stay in huts and have like no sort of buildings or technology? That we just have animals strolling around casually? Granted we aren't as up to date as the rest of the world, but we are not from the stone age -_- I just love South Africa I guess, such an awesome place! Does the world know that? Or do they just see us as another African country?

For those of your blogs that I haven't yet commented on, fear not! I will be reading them soon :) until another time... goodnight!


  1. Seems like everyone is in the dogbox with females Hairy. Damn straight they're confusing, hope Chello gets over his trust issues. I haven't yet, it's been months. Don't tell him that, though ;)

  2. Hiya Fig
    I don't think girls/women will EVER not be confusing - there should be male version of 'the rules' out there for you guys...

    I am sure American news channels don't show very much about the rest of the world, so their views can be a bit out dated and narrow minded, but they aren't all like that. I think peoples perception of South Africa will always be tarnished by apartide in some way just like us Brits are tarnished with the victorians conquer the world attitude, what we did in India and other countries, Germans will always be tarnished by the actions of Hitler etc etc - but I do find Americans have a particular brand of ignorance! look at Star Trek - every single alien in the universe has an american accent, and is persecuted for not having americal morals or ideals...
    Be proud of your country - it is a beautiful place, and as far as I am aware, it is where all life started - pretty cool!

    oh - and NEVER EVER watch this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSLMKUXZ3hk - from a 1980's programme show in the UK

  3. Haha I loved the vid :D actually have the tune stuck in my head now. Yeah Juicy, these girls are extremely confusing O_O glad I'm not the only one struggling though :P

    Agree with you though about the different Stigmas... Portuguese people will always be hairy afterall (apparently) :P hehe


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