Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Just Don't Have The Power...

Hey Blog :)

So thanks to our countries AWESOME energy supplier, Eskom, I have no power at my house at the moment. In fact several blocks seem to be out. I was out pretty much the whole day, but it only decided to cut out about 5 minutes before I got home (according to my dad) normally, I would really be annoyed, but for some reason I am not.

I had not had dinner, and I got home around 11 or so. AAAH! Quick interjection here: The power came on for a second, I saw my phone start charging! Then it died.... but then it came back for another second! Then it died again. They must be getting close to fixing the problem. Anyways back to my blog! So I had to eat dinner. My mom had dished up for me and left my food in the microwave. Thank goodness she didn't put it in the fridge or else I would have had a cold meal. It was interesting eating in the dark with a little electric lantern we had for such occasions (which at one stage were a very frequent occurrence in South Africa). My dad walked through the kitchen and commented that until the age of 10 he had not had any electricity. Now you may be thinking along the lines of what the hell electricity has been around for more then a century now??? Yes that is correct, and I do not know all the details or the full story, but my dad comes from a little Portuguese island called Madeira (google it if you want to know more ;D) I take it that electricity took its time in finding its way to that little island, or my dad just lived in a village that didn't have any. My dad was born in 1947 so it would be interesting to know when electricity found its way there. The only reason my dad got electricity at the age of 10 is because he moved to South Africa at that age.

So I finished my meal, and decided to climb into bed straight after (not that there was really anything else to do) but I must admit, I am rather enjoying laying upright here and writing in my blog. My bed is right next to my window. I opened my blinds, and I have the most amazing view of the perfect full moon. Quick fact about me if you didn't already know: I really love the moon. I can be walking along, glance it the full moon and literally stop and stare at it for ages. It's quite surprising that I haven't crashed, because I can do it while driving too. It's strange though, Amber is the complete opposite. She loves the perfect sunsets, which I admit I like too, but I prefer the moon. I always think about her when I see an awesome sunset, and I can't help but feel that she thinks about me when she sees a perfect moon.

AAAH! The power seems to have come back on now. Nothing has changed though, I am still in total darkness in my bed. I wonder where my cat it, she always comes and snuggles at my feet when I am in bed. I left my window open and embraced the cold air, knowing she will come inside sometime during the evening.

My one friend Marcello decided to start a blog thanks to me. He only ever reads mine when I have told him to read my latest entry. Lately he has been going through some girl issues himself and decided to start his own. Surprisingly, like me, he really enjoys it too, and finds putting his thoughts in writing quite a nice thing to do. He also keenly mentioned in his first blog how I never mention him in my blog, so this paragraph is for him :P if you want you can check his profile out, he is one of my followers.

Lets hope that Eskom can get this power story sorted out soon... thw world cup is less then two months away! Don't even get me started on Telkom, the internet here has been terrible over the last few days. In fact, I am posting this off my 3G connection (which I would have had to have done anyways considering I am in bed :P)


  1. you reminded me of the power cuts we had in the UK when I was a very small child in the 70's - all to do with coal miners striking and the whole country had to be in black out to preserve the fuel. We always knew where the candles and torches were - they may be annoying, but it was also fun as a child!

    it's wierd, looking at your dad's age, he is only 7 years older than my mum! and we know madiera - it where the best portugese drink comes from!


  2. The Wise Old SageApril 29, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    internet is bad because the c-com lines were hit by a boat anchor, but I believe it's been fixed.

  3. Haha :) A Portuguese drinks. Any drinks in particular you like? I was quite surprised when I was there in December. Apparently a lot of the tourists are people from the Uk who spend New Years there in Madeira. It makes sense though, its not like its super far from you guys :P


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