Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Just Another Stickman

It's 01:17 AM here. Why am I still awake? Oh wait... I don't have work tomorrow! I have the day off :D

I bet we can all remember that promotional work I always whined about, well I am glad to say that this was the last of the 8 weeks, and its over! As of next week I will hopefully be getting back to normal work that is much more enjoyable and interactive. Still curious to see how my company is going to change over the next few weeks. Certain employees are only there for a few months, so who will replace them when their time is up? At least its not something for me to worry about.

I went to Ambers house today to help her mom sort out some computer related issues. Amber didn't bother coming to say hello to me until she needed to get something from the kitchen (which is through the dining room, where I was just chatting to her parents) I proceeded to the study which is next to her room, and I started to work on her moms laptop. Amber walked past the room without so much as a glance and went straight into her room. I knew she was doing college work but I was a tad offended that she couldn't give me one second of her time to chat or anything. Anyways I got over that shortly. I did what needed to be done.

I then needed to set up something on Amber's pc so I went into her room and asked her if I could do it quickly. She agreed and stood up. While I was working on her pc she scruffed my hair and put her arm around me. I ended up running back on forth from her room, to the study, to the lounge (where another pc was) but eventually I was done and sat in Ambers room, watching the end of an episode of series that she was watching. Depending on how the evening went, I was going to see if I could maybe spend some time with her. Not even a few minutes after sitting in her room, her best friend Robyn arrived (also known as Robs). I knew that was my time to leave, plus her mom was serving dinner soon, and I told my mom I would probably be home for dinner. It actually makes me laugh how Robs always says she is scared she will feel like a third wheel around me and Amber, when in actual fact I become the third wheel and they giggle and talk about girly stuff. So I really wasn't keen for that :P

I left them in her room, and went to say goodbye to Ambers parents. Her mom asked me how I was and how work and everything was. I gave the normal answers before she surveyed me and asked "So the only way we are going to see you is if I ask you to come and help me out with something?" I couldn't help but nod my head and say, "It seems that way..." in all honesty it does. Amber only really seems to invite me over when she needs something done, wants something, or is bored and has nothing better to do. Seeing as she has college she doesn't really not have anything to do, and seeing as she hasn't wanted anything for a while, I haven't really been to her place much. Even if she doesn't mean it to seem that way, it really does feel like it. On the odd occasion I know she will invite me over because she really does miss me, but that hasn't happened in a good few weeks. It kind of bummed me out that Robs got to come over because she got an invite or something, I was just there because her mom needed something done. She truly is a confusing female :P haha

When I got home I decided to utilize my incredible paint skills and whipped up a new stickman image for my facebook profile picture. I will put it up for your pleasure :P

I must apologise if all my latest posts seem to be whining, moaning ones. Been going through some strange stuff emotionally lately :) so I just like to get it off my chest.

Until next time, have a great Friday!


  1. A blog is for whatever you need it for!
    (and I love reading it!)

    Hope the job is more interesting for you


  2. The Wise Old SageApril 23, 2010 at 6:19 AM

    I agree. I have three bookmarks on my toolbar. Your blog is one of em.

  3. I don't understand why you love reading it JuicyFig :P I don't think that its that great!!

    Sage reads it because we often exchange words of wisdom into each others lives ^_^ hehe

  4. because you remind me of my not too distant youth, because you write well, because your life is interesting, because you are from a diferent culture to my own, because the musings of a male of your age fascinate me! because baby fig's boyfreind is the same age as yourself, so insider knowlege on how young mens minds work is always a usefull ;~)

    I can stop if it's not cool.... :~(


  5. Lol No! Don't misunderstand me, I really REALLY appreciate the fact that you find the time to read and comment all the time :) I just don't understand why you find it interesting when I think its mundane :P you are more then welcome to stay and read forever :) hehe. Thank you for your kind words!

    P.s I really need to find a blog of somebody around Ambers age so I can understand how girls that age think :P

  6. I would suggest my daughters - but feel she may lead you to think all young ladies are evil!!!

    (she's not quite that bad, but does tend to have arguments with her boyfriend/not boyfriend over face book!)



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