Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freedom Day!

So the weekend happened. Not much to talk about there :P well not that I really have the energy to write about now anyways.

Today was a public holiday which meant a great day of just relaxing and doing nothing too strenuous. The weather has taken a rather strange turn as of late. It's like we were in Summer (early Autumn here is still very warm) but then overnight the weather just changed and it's so chilly now! So staying in bed late was by far the most awesome thing to do. I haven't been out with my close cousins for a family lunch for AGES! Like I mean I see them often, but back in the day, me and my cousins Claudia, Gabriela and Andrea used to go out for lunch with my parents all the time. Then we all grew up a bit (Well me and Claudia, because we are the same age) and it wasn't as frequent a gathering. Anyways, We sat there and chatted lots about random stuff. I must admit, I love my family to bits. I truly have an amazing collection of people to share my life with! Me and my cousin Claudia chatted about her ex, Lorenzo, and my confusing interest, Amber. Her and Lorenzo were really such an awesome couple. I still don't really know what happened to them (they broke up two years ago) and she was telling me how she misses him so much. I must admit, I miss him too. He was such a nice guy to chat to, and it was awesome to see them two together. Ah relationships are such confusing things. I really want to talk about Amber, but I will spare you :)

Work wise, I am back to doing normal merchandising, which is so awesome! No more boring work and what not...

Other then that, have an awesome week! :)

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