Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Midnight Condition

Seriously, its something that I will never understand.

During the day I will be the laziest fool you will ever meet. When work needs to be done, I will manage, but I always put it off until the last second. Riddle me this, its 1am now, and I am ready to do a million things. I was tired a second ago, but inspiration always strikes me at moments like these. If I didn't have to be up so damn early tomorrow (later today), I may well have gotten some epic work done.

As a side note, I graduate in June/July next year. That first book I've been meaning to write? Yeah... June/July - December is the time I will be doing it. Full time focus. I will finish a damn story. If anything comes of it, I will finish a damn trilogy. Thought you ought to know :)

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