Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Dairy, My Milk is Sour

The milk has gone off! Well not really in any case, It just seemed a sporting sort of way to start this blog because I don't really know what I am going to write about.

I pulled up all the information I need about studying next year, made some phone calls and so on. All I need to do is fill out some forms (only a mere 16 of them :O!) and drop them off at the varsity. I'm a little confused as the last time I studied I needed to do a kind of aptitude test or whatever it is called. Not this time it seems :-? cut off date is end of October so I do have some time if some random requirements "pop-up" out of nowhere, I will have time to get it done.

So work... what is that again? You know you aren't doing anything much when your boss jokes with you about you being "jobless" at the moment. I laughed along nervously with her at the office today, but she reassured me that the position I am filling is very real and that I must hang tight and help out with other work where I can. The guy who normally does the long distance travelling is getting married this weekend... so wonder who will be doing all the travelling next week :x

As predicted, Amber and I are going through that "O_o" stage again. I see her, but it's like casual hi there ok thanks bye. I got a tad irritated with her the other day. I left my Wii at her place a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to pick it up. So she sms'd me reminding me and I was like "Ok cool, I will fetch it and maybe spend some time with her." So I rocked up at her place, packed it away while talking crap to her then... nothing. I mean nothing as in I sat down just to spend time with her and chat, but she looked bored out of her skull O_o I was maybe waiting for her to suggest we watch tv or something but the suggestion never came, so I took it that she just wanted me to leave. So I announced that I was leaving, maybe expecting a response of, "Oh so soon?" because I mean, I had only been there like 15 minutes. Nope... instead her response was, "Ok." So I was like O_O and I said, "I bet you can't wait for me to leave..." she casually replied, "No." The tone of her voice suggested otherwise. So I got up and left in a bit of a rush, wondering if she would say anything. She never did. It's just annoying I guess, I hope this stage passes like it normally does, but I simply fear that it doesn't and things remain the way they are, which I hate -_-

At this point in my life I must admit I am feeling super lonely. Feels like I rarely see friends, spend my life wasting away doing nothing, and well, yeah. This yearly cycle repeats itself quite normally with Amber and I it seems. I keep telling myself to be patient, thinks will work themselves out, but at the end of the day, time drags its sweet ass time. Where will I be in 1,2,5 years from now? Guess I will just need to wait and see... be "patient" as people always advise

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