Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Road Trip! Road Trip!


Ok so for a change I thought about you my little blog, and snapped me some pictures of the scenery on my road trip yesterday. For work I had to travel far and wide, to distant places which do not see human existence often. Ok I lie, but they are far :)

Along the way, one part of the trip was too awesome that I refused to take pictures. I feared driving off the mountain, and I was enjoying driving along the roads like a rally driver ^_^

The sun rising! :O

a PRETTY effect on my phone sunrise pic :P

The road was long and straight for like... 4 hours.


Another scenery shot!

3 of the displays I did. I did about 7 in total for my trip among other things

We have some downright amazing scenery here in SA. I was so surprised at how beautiful the one part of my drive was! Could never get the right kind of pic while driving, so stopped for this one :P

A Tunnel!

There was light at the end :P

This is the last picture I took on the way back this morning :)

All in all, I seem to be surviving and smiling, lets see how long this keeps up ^_^ trying my hardest to keep things at bay, even though I think people care and they quite frankly don't seem to give a crap :O!

And thats me :) lazy post. Pictures > Writing for tonight. TIRED!

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