Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Yarn of Empty Promises

Ah man, is there anybody out there who truly enjoys their job?

People often tell me that I have such a nice job, with the flexible hours I get. Yeah I can agree with that, but man I'd rather work a 9-5 job if It was doing EXACTLY what I was told I would be doing, not something else. In other words here is a very blunt example. You get told that you will no longer be doing dishes, but you will be moving to the bakery department to bake cakes. You get all excited, think about all the kinds of cakes you will be making and so on.

Instead you get moved to the butchery. You have to package meat and sell it to customers.

Very lame example, but thats kind of how I feel. I got told I was going to do training. So I'm like great thats cool. My first task is Windows 7 Mobile. I think thats quite unusual, but hey at least its my new position. Surprise surprise I start this week and find that I am doing the training along with two other guys. The stores got split up between us 3 over a period of two weeks. I'm thinking ok after 2 weeks maybe I will move onto more pressing and important training (like Office or XBOX) SURPRISE!!!! From what I gathered in a brief meeting this morning, the list I got is my call cycle and those will be my regular stores. How is it that I have just been reduced to what I can kind of bluntly say is a rep of MS. This isn't the position I was told I would be filling? What about my raise? I can't see how I can be getting my raise when I know exactly what the other 2 guys are earning, and it's the same as me. How can I earn a lot more then them for doing the exact same job? It doesn't compute in my head.

Tonights finally the night, those college application forms are staring me in the face from the left, I am going to fill them out, and drop them off tomorrow morning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me get accepted, because I have spent the last 3 years of my work career earning the same salary, and hanging onto empty threads of promises. Enough >_< I'm sick of it.

If I don't get in to college, well then a different job is in order.

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