Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waiting With Baited Breath!

It seems I spend most of my blogs, well, the first few paragraphs anyways, saying how sorry I am for not writing for so long, how I'm going to catch up, and so on and so forth. This post could not be any different, and I have already filled that requirement. I started out this year to reach the 100 blog goal by the end of the year, and I was pretty much on target until I got lazy! I could still catch it (if I blogged like every day :P but that is HIGHLY unlikely!)

So lots of news I guess, where to begin, oh where to start?

I APPLIED FOR JOURNALISM! Finally... I can't remember what my last post was (and yes I am too lazy to check it out) but I am certain it was about me bitching about work screwing me over AGAIN. That motivated me. Oh wait I remember writing about filling my forms out. I did, on that night, and the next day I went and dropped them off at The University of Johannesburg. Before I handed them in, I just had a knot in my stomach, was this the right thing to do with my life? Would I screw up and dropout yet again? I gave those forms in, and my anxiousness instantly turned into me being excited! Holy crap I'm excited! I can't wait... this work year is nearly over, and hopefully next year will be the start of me starting the rest of my life. PRAY FOR ME TO GET ACCEPTED!!!! :D

Leading on from that, I went to the Rage expo this weekend. At one of the stands my friend Gruff started chatting to a guy and it turns out this guy is involved in an online technology and gaming magazine. He asked if this guy needs writers, and he said yes, but he is in no position to pay them. Hell... I was like I don't care, I just need the writing experience so I wouldn't mind doing it for free for as long as needed! I got his business card, and will be mailing him tomorrow. Holding thumbs for that too!

Over this weekend I also scored an Asus A-list card ^_^ so WOOOH for me! Part of a competetion on FB they were running. At least I won something! My friend Gruff won R5000 O_O!

Go like them, they are awesome :D

I could have written lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS more, but at the end of the day a Quick summary was all I felt like doing :) so CHEERIO! Hear from me soon I suppose ^_^

P.s I haven't seen Amber forever... the longer those periods of time, the more frequently she turns up in my dreams :S dang...

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