Tuesday, October 12, 2010


For some reason I am sure I have used this title in a blog before, but oh well. Inspired by this xD

Anyways. I am still awaiting my application results at UJ. This poster just made me think though, that there will be no room for stuffing around this time around, I am fortunate to even dream of a second chance at studying, so I better not throw it away, else Gandalf will pimp slap me all the way to Mordor from the Shire :O

Funny thing happened yesterday, I had a quick chat with Robs. I had to meet her and her bro at a car dealer (won't go into the story, too long and I'm too lazy at the moment). Anyways, at dinner on Saturday Robs sat next to me and at one point she uttered that people were treating her weird or being funny to her. I knew exactly who she would be talking about, but I just wanted to make sure. So yesterday when we were alone I just asked it Casually, "So Robs... who was being funny to you at dinner the other day?" She looked a bit surprised and said it was a bit random for me to remember that she said that. Maybe it was, but either way, curiosity burnt deep into me, I wanted a confirmation. She told me it was Amber, but she also told me defensively that maybe she (Robs) was just being oversensitive to the way Amber was or wasn't behaving (if that all made sense :S). For some reason, that loosened a little knot in my stomach. Surely if Amber was REALLY being strange to Robs, it was to do with the fact that Robs was sitting next to me, and Amber was not? Obviously I could be a little bigheaded and think that all of these actions revolve around me, but maybe Amber was just being normal and Robs was overreacting. I like to think though, that maybe Amber was a little jealous that Robs got my attention and she didn't. It's only fair though, because Amber's ex got all her Ambers attention and I had to deal with it too. Maybe I'm being an ass, and it wasn't intentional anyways. Either way I found that knowing this little piece of info Robs shared with me really made me feel loads better.

I am feeling a hell of a lot more productive this week. Its only Tuesday I know, but believe it or not I am finally ticking of things that I have needed to be doing off my giant checklist (kept conveniently on my teeny phone for quick reference) the job is also going ok so far, I am still taking baby steps, but its baby steps in the right direction and I must admit, my boss from Microsoft is so easy to work and get on with.

Thats all for now I think ^_^ thanks for reading if you did :P if you merely glanced over and ended up at this paragraph... well... just shush and go read!

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