Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Me, The Retail Consultant :O


Just a quick update on life. I started my new position today. It went relatively well, but I will need to chat to my MS Manager about changing a few things so that perhaps I can be a bit more effective. It's a simple enough job, entailing me just being present in the store and mingling with the staff, giving informal and eventually formal training now and then. Still getting into the swing of things though.

I truly love playing soccer. Once a week without fail we play indoor soccer at a club nearby. I always moan at the guys on tv for their theatrics because they dive as if they are Olympic swimmers! We had a catch up game yesterday so we ended up playing yesterday and today (Tuesday is our regular day). I am definitely not one to fall, and it takes a lot for me to go diving like a cricket player. yesterday however, I got chopped and landed with my full body weight, onto my wrist, which is now nice and swollen and throbs worse then a bass drum in a heavy rock band. Today, a played decided to run into me using his knee, connecting into the side of my leg. Dead league of note, thats gonna be so sore tomorrow. Injury free for a good few months, then out of nowhere 2 injuries on 2 days. There is no room for broken toes, twisted ankles or bust up shins... I get a dead leg and a swollen wrist!

I emailed that guy who's business card I stole from Rage this weekend. Ok not stole, but got from him. I had not previously glanced at it before I pulled it out of my wallet yesterday. I recognized the name as one of the writers of my favourite magazines! I mailed him instantly in what I hope was a good and decent email. I am still awaiting his reply.

That is all for now it seems ^_^ cheerio!


  1. Hiya! Just been having a quick catch up as I never get time to read blogs much at the moment - good on you for applying to uni - I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Journalism sounds like the perfect course for you - you write really well!
    Hope the wrist gets better soon and the new position is more interesting for you.

  2. did you write to NAG???!!!

    Sorry Fig, haven't been keeping up to date but I've read through all the posts I miss. Gotta say, it'll be hard to be a journalist with swollen wrists mate ;)

  3. Thanks Juicy :) good to hear that you still alive!!!

    Lol no dude :P I mailed the one guy who writes for Nag :D he hasn't replied yet though :(


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