Friday, March 26, 2010

Even Dogs Dream Big!


This year is honestly scaring me. With each time I blink a month seems to vanish. Can you believe that its nearly the end of March??? A quarter of the year gone in a flash of light!

I have kind of realised that my blog must seem pretty dull to the standard human brain. I know a lot of people who hate reading and that kind of thing, I can only imagine what somebody like that must think if they ever for some strange reason stumble across my blog (this in itself is impossible because surely the above mentioned example of a person would not be searching the internet for a random blog to read in the first place :P). I have also taken note of other blogs I have read, and I really like the idea of adding pictures here and there so that the reader can get more of a feeling from the blog. Now I am not saying that I will be adding pictures to every blog, but every now and then I will try add a random one just for the hell of it.

Remember last week I spoke about how Amber and Gruff are so distant lately due to college and what not? Well I am pleased to report that somehow that has changed. On Saturday, Gareth's power at his house cut out for some unknown reason. He had a lot of college work to do and really needed somewhere to work. He ended up coming to my house and doing his work here. Although he spent his whole visit working, I can honestly say that his visit was good for both of us. I really enjoyed the company as I am sure he did too.

Amber on the other hand, I still haven't seen her since last Friday. I sms'd her just to wish her the best for the week and hope she is well and what not. Then the other day she logged onto Mxit (A chat program for mobile phones here in SA) where we spoke briefly and out of nowhere she said goodnight and logged off. This was at 9pm so it was strange that she would be saying goodnight. Anyways I brushed it off and didn't let it bother me. She just sms'd me now saying thanks for all the sms's I left her, before promptly asking me if I had any series or anything that she could get from me (she is now on holiday, so she has a lot of spare time on her hands) its a bit like "Well thanks for suddenly noticing me and asking for stuff" but I really do enjoy doing stuff for her so it doesn't really bother me. I'm curious to see how this weekend will go, if I will actually get to see her.

Tomorrow I am going to my first ever bachelors :D my friend from school, Jeph, is getting married next month. Its so weird to think that he is getting married. He is only a year older then me, so imagining myself getting married next year seems a bit overwhelming. That being said though, I really cannot wait to get married one day!

Hmmmm what else is there. OH picture time! You guys all know how work is kind of (extremely) boring and what not for me. Well check out this exciting photo I took during this week.

See how excited everybody is? See how up and about they are?? You don't? Oh don't worry... neither do I :) I just thought this photo was so funny because there are like 5 people all leaning on a counter. Just goes to show how lazy people are, not standing up straight and all :P

And just because I am currently in a "Talk crap, upload random stuff" mood too. Here is a random of my little Jack Russel I snapped after work one day. He looks like he is gazing longingly into the horizon, and dreaming big :)

All in all, this week seemed to be pretty good! I am still excited, not quite sure for what, but excited nonetheless. I will probably be back on this weekend to say something, but until then, hope you yourself have a great one!


  1. hehehe, I love the photo of work - have you seen the US series 'Chuck' where they all work at the Buy more? Perhaps you work there under cover, and your real job is as a spy!


  2. Why yes :x how did you know? I haven't followed the series, but seen my brother watch an episode or two :)

  3. The Wise Old SageApril 3, 2010 at 3:25 PM


  4. My Jack Russel? Yeah its mine :) lol


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