Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Forgot What I Was Going To Call This Post

There are many things I can criticize about myself. We all can, I mean nobody is perfect. I'm sure you can sit and think now about some things you wish you could improve about yourself, or change completely. One thing that annoys me is my memory.

I am so forgetful sometimes that its ridiculous. I must admit I have gotten a bit better at remembering stuff as I have aged (Thank God its not the other way around!) When I was much younger I could forget the most mundane things that should not be forgotten. A simple example, my dad tells me to put the kettle on for him on my way through the kitchen. I leave the room five seconds later, and by the time I have reached the kitchen I have already forgotten.

Amber used to have an older brother. I never got to knew him too well (I met him before I even knew Amber existed) but before I knew it, after having met him two or three times he died in a car accident. Amber was around thirteen when he died, maybe fourteen. Not knowing her at all I can only imagine what it must have been like for her to lose her only and older sibling. I have an older brother and sister, and the thought of losing either of them scares me a hell of a lot. She has had to endure that pain.

Her brother passed away on the 19th of March, 5 years ago (if my math is correct). I know that even though it has been years since it has happened, Amber hates the 19th of March. Being me, I knew that it happened in March, and I remembered that it was the 19th. But still being me, yesterday being the 19th of March, I forgot completely. I saw Amber in the evening at church (A gathering for prayer and worship) and she seemed alright. She had conversations with a few people before making an effort to come and say hello to me. I said hello and without thinking I walked away. Thinking about it now I can only imagine how insensitive I must have come across as to her O_o when the evening ended I was surprised to see that she had left already, I nailed it down to the fact that she probably had lots of college work and wanted to get back home.

Logging onto facebook a bit later I realized it all. "Amber had a typical 19th of March" Realizing what I had done earlier in the evening haunted me. Surely I could have inquired as to how she was doing and how her day had been? But instead, a once in a blue moon thing, I greeted and walked away. I hope she didn't feel hurt or anything by me, because it really wasn't intentional. Just my same old bad memory, letting me down again :)

At least I have the long weekend to waste away, who knows what else will happen.

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  1. Nah, you're still cool. I forget things all the time. If I hadn't bookmarked your blog, I would've forgotten about it as well.
    So, Figgeh, I say you're still cool. I think.. I've never forgotten something like this. Rest assured, you're still cool.


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