Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its CHRISTMAS time! :D

Greetings greetings!

Ok I know I said I would blog about my long weekend today, but I lied (in a way) and I will get around to it eventually. For today though, I am going to tell you what happened yesterday.

Gruff's bro, Jason organsied a braai at their house. Before the braai though, Jason had a prayer meeting planned. Being me, I got to the braai late, but a group of people were still praying. As soon as I put my stuff down and joined the group, my hands started tingling. To me that is like my spider sense, that lets me know that the Holy Spirit is present. I said this out loud, and everybody agreed that I should be prayed for next.

Everybody huddled and started praying for me. There was a lot said, which I won't go into detail with. What stood out for me so far was the two words Niel had to say. I remember the first one, but I couldn't quite remember the second one. The braai went on and I throughly enjoyed it! Although I did leave a little early to get home and catch some extra ZZZZ's :P

Today was the start of another work week, something we all know I don't really look forward to. Something was different today... In my heart I could feel this excitement for my week ahead, and I couldn't for the life of me understand why. It has been with me all day, this excited feeling. So tonight I spoke to Gruff about it, and he told me to sms Niel about the second word/picture he had for me. This was his reply:

"I felt like when you get presents at christmas, even though you dont know what you're getting theres still this feeling of excitement and anticipation. felt God wants you to have that attitude, even though you dont know exactly what he has lined up for you."

At the moment I'm just smiling, a lot! Something is going to happen! I don't know what, but man oh man I am excited for it! As always, I will let you know as events unfold :) until then, FAREWELL! :D


  1. The Wise Old SageMarch 24, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Godspeed man... Epic week is epic !

  2. I can't wait to read about it!
    I had to look up Braai, as I am not at work this week and can't ask my South African colleague who has promissed me that if he ever wins the lottery he will take me to his homeland and feed me biltong!

  3. Thanks Wise Old Man Guy ^_^

    Lol JuicyFig :) I must remember to not use words that I take for granted, or at least explain what I am going on about. A Braai is what the Americans call a Barbecue? Not sure what you guys call it in the UK :) but its really something special here in SA. You should make sure your colleague wins the lottery ;)

  4. We have barbeque's here in the UK, but it tends to rain alot here in the north, and people are very unadventurous food wise, so it is sausages and beefburgers or nothing!
    And please don't stop using your native words, it is always good to learn something new!

  5. Ok I wont :) Ill make sure I at least explain some of SA lingo :P


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