Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank God She Wore Her Teeth

Hello Everybody :)

So today so far has been one of the best days I have had in a long time, and I cannot really understand why. The only explanation I can give is something that happened on my way to work, and kept me smiling all day.

Its now common knowledge that at the moment I am absolutely despising work. Just the thought of standing in one more store and promoting during non peak periods is really so annoying. Its so bad though, yesterday, for the first time since I was in maybe High School or Varsity, I REALLY didn't want my Sunday to end, because as soon as my head hit that pillow to sleep, it would mean the start to this dreary week. I am being dead honest. Sure there may be that odd time when there is something I wasn't looking forward to in the upcoming week, but that never had me wishing for Sunday to stay forever.

So I got up this morning with the thought of only having completed two out of eight weeks, not a cheerful thought at all. I got in my car, with the thought of facing traffic. Towards the end of my journey, the strangest thing happened (I seem to be having a lot of strange things happening lately :P) there was bumper to bumper traffic, and I was at an intersection. I wasn't really paying attention but then I looked up at the car in the perpendicular road. There was an old lady driving the car, waiting for all the cars to pass so she could turn. What really caught my attention though, and I still have no idea why, but this little old lady had the biggest smile on her face. By big I mean BIG. I could see all her teeth! she was really smiling widely about who knows what. Without realizing it, within split seconds of seeing her smile, I was smiling too. I carried on driving to the office, having completely forgotten about the work coming up.

My office is currently very busy at the moment. With so much happening, many people seem stressed and not keen on the week either. I couldn't help but think, if only they had seen the same old lady on their drive to work, maybe they would be smiling too. Every time I thought about it, I smiled even wider.

After the office, I went to my first store. I can't even explain the difference between last week and this week. Last week I got to each store and all I could do was think about how crappy it was to be there and do what I had to do. My first two weeks I sold like NOTHING! In my first store today I sold two printers (which granted, isn't much but it still counts to me) and the time literally flew by before I even knew it.

I went to my next store, which was a very quiet and small store during the week, and I really wasn't expecting to sell anything. All throughout though, I kept remembering this old lady, wondering what was making her smile so much, and how her smile had changed my day thus far. The first customer I spoke to in that small store brought a printer. It was the strangest thing, selling nothing in my first two weeks, to selling a few things on my first day this week. Maybe the fact that I was smiling more made customers more interested in buying :P I don't know... or maybe it was the whole attitude change that hit my out of nowhere. I was, and still am smiling.

It makes me wonder though, and its not like this is groundbreaking or anything, but how much of a difference can one smile make? Why are we permanently whining and groaning about everything, when if we change our whole attitude, everything (and no matter how bad it is) seems better? Thank God for that old lady smiling this morning, if it weren't for her I wouldn't be wearing this permanent smile right now.

So this is my message today. Simple, SMILE! :D


  1. The Wise Old SageMarch 15, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    you're changing your layout a lot I see :) I like this one, just tbh.
    SMILE. It confuses people. After reading your post I lold at the title :P I think I'll try that. Just keep on smiling tomorrow. See what happens. I mean, I'm writing Economics, my math teacher hates me and I'm 45 years behind in my business classes. A smile a day keeps the hookers at bay!

  2. Lol I know, sorry dude :P trying to find something I like. Happy to report I do like this one :D

    Trust me dude, this old lady changed my day, I kid you not O_o I did not exaggerate at all in this post! And you're right, it does confuse people ;) let me know how it goes :D

  3. There was a fab programme on TV last night about body language, all about smiling and laughter therapy, really interesting! We should make Mondays 'world smile' days, thus setting everyone up for a cheery week!


  4. Yeah I'm all for that! Seeing people smile makes my day :) especially people I know and love.

    Interesting thing that body language theory stuff... my bro read a book on it and he kept telling me what he could read off of me by the way I was stadning, tone of my voice and everything :P was interesting

  5. The smiling thing works for me. As for the body language, I suck at reading it =O


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