Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sazh! NOOO! :O

Farewell long weekend, you will be sorely missed! This isn't going to be a long entry, more of an intro to tomorrows (If I get around to it) entry about the weekend that just passed. It had its ups and downs, but all in all it was an excellent weekend in my eyes.

I'm still thinking about that ladies smile last week, hoping that it will lead me to having another good week this week. At least it is one day shorter, thats something thats really appreciated. Another thought that makes me smile is the fact that Easter is coming, and with it comes a lot more public holidays. Anything to cut this crappy work period is welcome!

Remember I spoke about me being forgetful and possibly upsetting Amber last Friday, on the day her bro passed away? Well get this, her gran passed away this past Friday too... She left me a message on google talk and all I could reply was that I am sorry. Being lame and not using this brain (the one I apparently have) to think, I never sms'd or called her further to find out how she was. I guess its no surprise then that when I sms'd her last night saying I missed her and loved her, that her reply contained no mutual feelings, just a mere wish of I must sleep tight. Maybe I am over thinking things, or maybe not, but I did say that a period of me and Amber not being close was around the corner (due to past experience) it seems like it is here, and I'm doing nothing to make things better. She does break up from college this Thursday, so I'm curious to see if she would be keen on spending some of that free time with me.

In other news, Final Fantasy 13 is blowing my mind away. I hope one day I will have the capacity to think up such an intricate story like they have. Forget the gameplay, I enjoy Final Fantasies the most because the story always stirs something deep inside of me. That aside, the gameplay is quite fun :P

My bed summons, I shall concede :) goodnight cruel world!

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