Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Wonder If You Can Read This


I thought I would sneak this post in quickly. It's aleady so late here and in my head I am fast asleep, and I can barely keep my eyes open. Only reason I am doing this now is because my cousin Jesse is staying with me at the moment, and I don't exactly want knowledge of this blog seeing his eyes or anybody he knows :P it is still, afterall, my own private space to let out what goes on in my head or in my every day life. I don't mind you reading though :) PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO! (Just don't link any of my family members or friends to it :P)

So guess what! Today is the 31st, and I still have not been paid by my company. Pay day is on the 25th, so now they are only nearly a week or so late. this happens EVERY month without fail, and it is terribly irritating. At the moment I am feeling nauseous and sick, possibly in a mental state I am willing myself to not go to work? It is very tempting... but I guess I'd feel to guilty if I called in to say I will not be in. Lets just hope I get paid before the start of the long weekend here.

Just so you know, I am forcing myself to not talk about Amber in this post. Not that anything bad or major happened, but I am sure you do not want to read about the girl in my heart ALL the time :P

I heard a strange thing on the radio the other day. "Is reading relevant in today's current generation?" This is the question that the disc jockey was asking to the whole of South Africa. To my surprise, the majority of people calling in or emailing said "no it isn't." I was seriously a bit shocked. I understand that in todays generation we live a fast life style. Every new bit of technology is made so that we can do things in a shorter space of time and have more time in our day (which we smartly utilise by wasting on other technological wonders and social networks.) Is todays generation THAT lazy that they can't pick up a good book and read it? I must admit, I am a very picky reader, but this will never stop me from picking up a good novel and understanding the importance of reading. Reading fuels the human imagination and can give rise to our own awesome ideas. Its no wonder this generation doesn't know how to spell and resorts to "sms" lingo. You hide your inability to correctly spll and send a perfectly grammared sms by shortening words and making it look like sms lingo.

Anyways, rant aside, it got me thinking about my future. I love writing! I may not be a super talented person, or know how to write masterpieces, but the fact of the matter is I love writing and I want to pursue a career of writing in one form or another. Where will I end up in a decade or so from now if the worlds reading capacity is decreasing an insane rate?

The truth of the matter is, I don't really give a damn. I only have a few people that follow this blog, or read it. I don't only keep this blog to document my life, or just say whats on my heart, but I also keep it so that I have reason to write and a platform to make sure I am constantly practicing. I enjoy it for some odd reason, so I will utilise it and galavant into my methaphorical sunset! *Cue horse neighing noises and galloping hooves* I WILL WRITE! :)

I will be writing an article inspired by what I heard on that radio show, when its done I will be sure to put it up here. If I do not get around to blogging tomorrow (the last day of March, and I am still one blog short of my goal of 25 blogs within 3 months) I wish you the most awesome Easter and whatnot!

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  1. Well your blog has me comming back each time for an installment - and if your bliss is writing, then go for it!!!
    I don't think the written word could ever die out, how would we communicate? will it all end in recorded words and pictures? It would be interesting to know what someone who thinks it is 'dead' to inform us how we would communicate - or for them to live a week without anything written down...
    Have a lovely Easter!



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