Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No I Couldn't Care Less About You! :O


Ok there is no point to this post, I just need to have 25 blogs out. So here is a quick random of how I am feeling.

Selfishness irritates the crap out of me, a hell of a lot. As does inconsideration. Two occassions today brought this to my attention how selfish and inconsiderate people can be. What bugs me more is that its two people that are important to me. Oh well I'll deal with it.

My mom can be weird and random sometimes.

Amber can be equally confusing. Yes No Yes No Yes No Nothing Nothing Nothing Yes No Yes No More Nothing Busy Busy bust Unbusy Seek Seek Seek Unavailable Upset Upset! Timing is just annoying I guess, I can never win and then she seems to despise her feelings of me. "Amber Smith I hate the way I feel about ... You." Wonder who that was addressed to >_<

Long weekend coming!

I want to spend time with Amber.

Gloop in the stomach seems to be back O_o

It has nothing to do with nauseousness.


Haha ok I am done, just wanted to see how that would turn out :)


  1. The Wise Old SageApril 3, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    =O!! I DONO WHO SHE'S TALKING BOUT MAN!!?? Don't be so quick to judge her Fig ffs. Srsly wtf man.. I am disappointed in you. Like, for real..

  2. :O!!!!!! Why are you disappointed in me master? :(


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